Why Kyocera?

Kyocera is one of the world’s largest manufacturers and leading providers of printer, copier and multifunctional imaging systems. Corporate worldwide green policies encourage conservation and recycling along with the development of products and technologies that can actually minimise the impact on the environment.

Thanks to our unique eCosys technology, we have achieved a significant reduction in the number of part replacements and disposable items, which has helped not only to cut total costs, but make our products more environmentally friendly as well.

Did you realise that the cost of running your laser printer over its lifetime is likely to exceed the original purchase price by several times? Unfortunately, the ongoing running costs of printers, copiers and mFDs is often overlooked when making purchase decisions. the impact of doing this could result in your running costs adding up to two or three times the original purchase price. Companies both large and small can make significant savings.

They offer a broad range of scalable products including:

• Copiers and multifunction imaging solutions
• networkable laser printers
• Wide format copier/printers

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Kyocera is an environmentally-concerned global organisation who rigorously follow the principles of the three r’s – reduce, reuse and recycle. For example, our use of eco-friendly materials extends to our packaging, which is foam free, and is constructed from biodegradable cardboard. the inks are produced from vegetable and soy dyes and have absolutely no impact whatsoever on the environment, when recycled.

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