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We are a 100% West Australian owned and operated ISP, dedicated to providing top quality internet access combined with the best service in the industry, customised computing solutions and specialist network consulting.

Our Network Operations Centre is located in Perth and provides 24-hour proactive status monitoring and a rapid response to any network issues, so we will know and fix a issue before you will even know about it. Our network is heavily monitored so we can keep you safe and secure from unwanted visitors. Such is the quality and efficiency of our operation we also provide around the clock network monitoring and after-hours support services for a number of other national ISPs.

JaziNET was founded with one goal in mind: personalised service. We felt there was a distinct lack of this in the industry, with the tendency for other ISPs to rely on call centres with lengthy call queues and impersonal service. When you call JaziNET, not only will you speak to a human, but a human who cares. You can also deal directly with the management if you need to, as they are readily available to work with customers. We also provide true 24-hour support, 7 days a week.

JaziNET is a "bricks and mortar" company in that we own our own equipment and have extensive experience in network design and maintenance, ensuring the highest levels of reliability, redundancy and performance.

The internet landscape in Australia is constantly evolving and we continue to remain at the forefront by listening closely to our customers, keeping abreast of new technology as it develops and keen observation of the trends within the marketplace.

Why choose JaziNET?

Expertise: Our consultants, analysts and engineers at JaziNET provide expert skills and knowledge in their subject area to solve customer problems relating to their ICT, Security and Cloud environments.

Cost Effective: We are well placed to provide pragmatic and cost-effective services and solutions to clients no matter the size or nature of business.

We're 100% Australian-based and ready to back your business and residential needs with Australian-based support.

No website chatbots, overseas call centres, or unreachable support teams. Fast and easy set-up.

Work Experience - Learning about work through observation

We understand the importance of work experience and the benefits for students. When available, we offer work experience placements for students throughout the year.

Work experience can provide the following benefits:

  • Get a feel for the industry/area of work
  • Put theory into practice
  • Build valuable skills
  • Network!

Work Experience gives you a chance to try out a career you’ve been considering before you tie yourself in. You’ll get opportunities to try skills, tour the workplace, and see what the job is really about. Rule out roles that won’t suit your talents or lifestyle, and you’ll also be able to meet and speak with other people working in potential roles you could fill.

Without Work Experience, you will need to rely on the accounts of others or what you think the job will be like. There’s nothing like seeing it for yourself, so before you embark on further study or choose subjects make sure you know what the job could really be like.

Work Experience can change how you view your options.




Contact Details:

- Email:
 * Accounts: accounts@jazi.net
 * Sales: sales@jazi.net
 * Support: support@jazi.net

- Telephone:
 * Perth Metro Area: 08-9248-1111
 * TollFree AusWide: 1300-852-949
 * Facsimile: 08-9247-1999

- Address:
  Unit 1, 10 Principal Link (cnr Business Way)
  Malaga W.A. 6090

- Post:
  PO Box 2829
  Malaga W.A. 6944

We welcome your enquiries 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

Support: Here When You Need Us

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  • Helpdesk & Maintenance
  • Hardware & Software
  • Internet Connectivity
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