Unusual Payment Scam

All victims agreed to share their story when submitting their report to Scamwatch and their personal details have been changed.

Unusual payment – victim lost $300
Attempted to buy tickets for the Melbourne International Comedy Festival and this person had various tickets available. Agreed to purchase 2 off him for $300 and he insisted I pay using gift cards as it was “safe” after I asked to use PayPal. Purchased 3 $100 gift cards and within 2 minutes of purchase sent the information to him. The cards were redeemed and he instantly blocked and deleted me off Facebook. Has since “made a new Facebook account” to offer to sell me the tickets for $150. Also refused to refund me any money at all.

What were some signs that this was a scam?
- The unusual payment method. If anyone demands payment by gift card, such as iTunes, Google Play, Steam, Amazon, or Australia Post Load & Go prepaid debit cards, it’s a scam.

What are some things the buyer could have done to have avoided the scam?
- His safest option was to buy tickets to the event from the authorised retailer.
- You should always be cautious about purchasing tickets online through social media from people you don't know.

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