Top 12 Email Heading Scams

Stay Smart Online are great with their blogs about staying safe online. One we would like to address is about how scammers use the subject line of an email to grab your attention.

A recent report that analysed 360,000 BEC (Business email compromise is an online scam where a cybercriminal impersonates a business representative to trick you, an employee, customer or vendor into transferring money or sensitive information to the scammer.) emails over three months has revealed the following top 12 most common subject lines used in emails targeting businesses. ‘Request’ accounted for over a third of all the messages analysed:

  1. Request
  2. Follow up
  3. Urgent/Important
  4. Are you available?/Are you at your desk?
  5. Payment Status
  6. Hello
  7. Purchase
  8. Invoice Due
  9. Re:
  10. Direct Deposit
  11. Expenses
  12. Payroll

BEC scams are usually well-researched and rely more on social manipulation than technical exploits, they can get past anti-virus programs and spam filters.

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