The Small Business Cyber Security Best Practice Guide

It starts at the top

It starts and finsishes with people in management. Put at least one person in your business in charge of cyber security. Someone in management with access to your data and assets.

Get everyone on board

You need to have support from everyone in the business. From top to bottom. Just like locking your doors each night, make cyber security a day-to-day priotity.

Its a hands-on effort

There is no single-fix for cyber security. You cant solely rely on antivirus software to keep you safe from attacks. Educate yourself, staff and customers. Encourage staff and customers to report incidents and anything that seems out of place.

Know your risks and vulnerabilities

If you use theinternet, you are at risk. Understand the ways your business can be attacked. Perform regular checks and audits of your online 'footprint' so you can prioritise your risks.

Protect your business

The right approach for you depends on your business, the people in it, and the information you need to protect. Secure your Point of Sale systems, mobile devices, networks and stored data learn advanced techniques to become cyber secure.

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