Should You Cover Your Webcams When You’re Not Using Them?

How do webcams get hacked?

Hackers use malware to remotely access and control your webcam.

This type of malware is known as Remote Access Trojans or RATs. Once installed, hackers can turn on your webcam and see exactly what it sees. This type of malware is often mistakenly installed via an unsafe click from a website or email.

Remember: Be wary and don’t click on links in unexpected emails or messages from people or organisations you don’t know.

How to protect yourself

While many people opt for a piece of tape over the camera, chances are if your webcam is hacked, then your entire system is in the hands of a hacker. Follow these simple steps to keep your entire system safe.

For inbuilt webcams:

  • install all operating system and software updates when prompted
  • install anti-virus software and run regular scans
  • always practice safe browsing
  • don’t accept video calls from people you do not know.

For stand-alone webcams:

  • install software updates for the application it uses
  • change the default password
  • keep it turned off when not in use.

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