Say Goodbye: Internet Explorer is Retired

It's time to wave goodbye to Internet Explorer. No, for real this time. Those other send-offs were just preliminary. Okay, yes, Internet Explorer's demise has been a long time coming, and we've known IE is destined for the great recycle bin (opens in new tab) in the sky since last year, but Microsoft has warned again that it really is 100%, definitely, getting rid of that IE desktop shortcut on June 15, 2022.

Microsoft has announced the retirement of 27-year-old Internet Explorer as the firm's oldest browser will be completely phased out from June 15. Internet Explorer was launched in 1995 as an add-on package for Windows 95. Microsoft later started providing the app for free as part of the package.

The nearly three-decade-old browser peaked at 95 per cent usage share in 2003. However, IE could not maintain its position, and its user base started to decline drastically as other competitors released new browsers with better user interfaces, faster internet speed and smoother performance.

Internet Explorer, over time, has devolved into a default browser that is used to install other browsers.

Microsoft announced in mid 2021 that it will retire the company's Internet Explorer 11 browser in cccmost Windows versions in June 2022. While many Home users and organizations have moved on to other browsers, some have not migrated to another browser. Microsoft asked organizations to set a retirement date for Internet Explorer before June 15, 2022 to ensure that company employees won't run into issues when IE retires.

Internet Explorer 11 won't start anymore on its retirement date and Microsoft Edge will be loaded automatically, according to Microsoft. The company suggests that the new Microsoft Edge web browser is used instead by organizations, as it supports legacy Internet Explorer features through its IE Mode functionality.

IE Mode may load local and remote content that requires specific Internet technologies. Modern web browsers such as Edge, Chrome or Firefox do not support these technologies, and the loading of services may fail completely or functionality may be limited, when these browsers are used.

Only Microsoft Edge supports IE Mode, making it an essential application for organizations that require access to content that requires specific Internet Explorer technologies.

For those active users and businesses still relying on Internet Explorer in 2022, which really shouldn't be many, Microsoft is keeping an Internet Explorer mode in Edge to ensure compatibility with all the weirdness that IE demands. This mode will be available up until 2029.

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