Remote Access Scams

‘Remote access scams’ are where a caller claims to be a technical support person from a well-known business, like Telstra or Microsoft, to try and convince you to provide them with access to your computer.

These scams are on the rise according to ACCC Consumer Rights.

There are several variations of this scam but they tend to follow a predictable pattern similar to the following examples:

  • Someone calls you claiming to be from a well-known business or organisation. Organisations commonly targeted for impersonation include Microsoft and Telstra.
  • The caller claims that there is something wrong with your computer or internet connection. They may tell you that your computer is infected with malware or that it has been compromised in some other way. They are likely to use technical language in order to scare or intimidate you into following their instructions.
  • The caller convinces you to either install an application or allow some other form of remote access to your computer.
  • Upon gaining access to your computer, the caller may claim that they have confirmed the problem and ask you to pay a fee to fix it.

These scams play on people’s fears to illegally obtain money by deception. They are particularly dangerous as they not only steal victim’s money, they leave people vulnerable to more harm by exposing their computer to ongoing remote access. Using this access, criminals could install malware, such as keyloggers that capture online banking details, or they could try to carry out other scams against the victim.

Never give a stranger remote access to your computer, no matter how much they pressure you. More advice

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