Reminder: Connect to the NBN Access Network Today

This is an important reminder that most existing landline phone and internet services in your area will eventually be disconnected depending on your location. You may have heard from NBN that the NBN network will be replacing the copper network that currently delivers your services.

If you dont connect your services may be impacted leaving you without a phone, internet and other important services, including medical, fire and security alarms. Please place an NBN order urgently to avoid disruption. Remember, due to high demand, your order can take time to be completed.

Not all services will be impacted
Most existing services will be replaced by the NBN access network though some services may not be impacted. You should contact your current phone and internet provider as soon as possible to find out if your services are impacted.

Important information on equipment compatibility
The following equipment may not be compatible with your new phone or broadband plan at all times:

  • medical alarms and emergency call buttons
  • fire alarms and lift emergency phones
  • monitored security alarm systems
  • fax machines and TTY equipment

Power blackouts
Equipment connected over the NBN access network will not work during a power blackout. Make sure you have an alternative form of communication handy. If you have safety critical equipment, speak to your equipment provider about alternative solutions.

Common questions
Will there be any interruption to my phone and internet services?

It depends on the services you currently use. If you have pay TV, or other cable internet services, there may be a slight interruption to your services during the installation of the NBN supplied equipment on the exterior of your property. If your current service is delivered via ADSL, installation of NBN supplied equipment on the exterior of your property should not interrupt your services. Your NBN approved technician should advise you of any outages beforehand.

Can I run everything on a wireless (Wi-Fi) network?
You can run most devices over a Wi-Fi network. But if you find Wi-Fi limiting, you may want to try connecting your devices via powerline networking adaptors (which plug into your power points and use existing wiring) or an Ethernet cable.

Do I need to get a seperate supplier for internal wiring or cabling?
Beyond your NBN connection box, your NBN approved technician wont carry out internal wiring or permanent cabling through wall, floor or ceiling cavities. This must be done by a registered cabler. Your phone and internet provider may be able to recommend a registered cabler in your area, or you can search online for telephones and systems - installation and maintenance.

Your experience may vary depending on factors such as your NBN access technology, internet provider, your plan and equipment.

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