Privacy 101 - Back to Basics (Protect your Privacy)

Have you covered the basics?

We all know how important it is to protect personal information – especially in our fast-growing digital world.

This Privacy Awareness Week, we’re issuing a call to go ‘back to basics’ and revisit the fundamentals of what it takes to protect privacy – whether it’s your own, or someone else’s.

Take a look at our ‘Privacy 101’ tips using the links below, or test your skills in our quick quiz. There is useful advice for everyone to apply, and also guidelines for business and government.

How privacy is protected

In Australia, the Privacy Act 1988 has strict rules about how organisations and government agencies must handle personal information.

If you think an organisation or government agency covered by the Privacy Act has mishandled your personal information, you can lodge a complaint with the OAIC for free.

While the Privacy Act is a federal law which does not cover local, state or territory government agencies (except the Norfolk Island administration), most Australian states and territories have equivalent legislation which covers their public sector agencies. Some state authorities and instrumentalities are also bound by the Privacy Act.

You can make sure your organisation is covering what it needs to, and find out more about what it can do to be a privacy leader, using the business or government tab below.

Your organisation can also sign up as a Privacy Awareness Week supporter.

Check out these privacy tips and resources for workplaces, and life outside work.


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