Get Cyber Secure: 3 Quick Steps to Serenity

Adopt these protections within your business...

Prevention - Protect your assets

  • Back-up regularly to protect against loss
  • Patch applications by installing secxurity updates
  • Use complex passwords and use two-step authentication
  • Limit access to administrator accounts and sensitive information

Well-being - Do things safely

  • Communicate safe practice and talk about cyber security frequently
  • Browse safe sites and ensure your staff do too
  • Only allow applications you trust on your computer

Response - Report and recover from an attack

  • If you think an attack has happened, tell staff and tell the authorities
  • Restore backups from before the incident
  • Consider cyuber insurance

Familiarise yourself with the Stay Smart Online guide for simple tips for protecting your business.

The recommended place to go for a comprehensive list of practical actions to make your computers, networks and systems more secure is the Australian Signals Directorates (ASD) Essential Eight which aim to prevent malware from running, and to limit the extent of incident and recover data.

Report a breach to the Australian Cybercrime Online Reporting Network (ACORN)

If a data breach has serious consquences, you may be required to report it to the Australian Information Commissioner,


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