Cure to Significant Amount of IT Issues

Why is a simple solution the cure to a significant amount of IT issues?

While certain problems require a complete restart because the operating system or a hardware driver has stopped working, not every problem does. Some problems may be fixable without a restart, though a restart may be the easiest option.

In all cases, a restart wipes away the current state of the software.

Any code that’s stuck in a misbehaving state will be swept away, too. When you restart, the computer or device will bring the system up from scratch, restarting all the software from square one so it will work just as well as it was working before.

Next time you’re freaking out about PC issues, why not try restarting it? It may just save you a lot of time!

While restarting is certainly not a cure-all solution, it is a quick fix to small errors or connectivity issues and should be the first thing you do if you are experiencing problems.

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