Common Cyber Myths

Cyber myths exist and seem so real they could be true. But we do not want you being exposed to any cybercriminals.

  1. I never have to update the software installed on my computer
     Software companies release updated versions of their software to address problems or fix weaknesses. You should install any software update ASAP. Some software even offers the option for automatic updates.
  2. Cybercriminals only target people with money
    Attackers look for the biggest reward for the least amount of effort. Only share your personal details with people and organisations you trust.
  3.  Anti-virus software and firewalls are 100% effective
    Neither is guaranteed to protect you from an attack, but by combining these technologies with good security habits is the best way to reduce your risk.
  4. I have nothing important on my computer, so I won’t be hacked
    If you do not store personal or financial information on your computer, a hacker may be able to gain control of your computer and use your data in attacks against other people regardless.
  5. A strong password will solve all my security issues
    Strong passwords protect your information from cybercriminals, but can still be compromised. Don't have complicated passwords and use two-factor authentication where possible.

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