Checkup On The Security Settings On Your Family Devices

Are you planning a quiet weekend at home?

If so, why not use some of the downtime to do a quick checkup of the security settings on your family devices?

House rules for cyber security

  • Set strong and unique passwords on all your home devices and online accounts. Remember, when you first buy a new device, change the factory-set password on it straight away, including any networked devices (router/modem) that also have a factory-set password.

Tip – Turn on a second step of protection with two-factor authentication wherever you can.

  • Secure your devices and online accounts. Turn on automatic software updates to ensure your devices are covered by the latest security protection. Install antivirus software where possible and backup devices to protect important information, photos and data.  Always download apps from an official app store such as Apple’s App Store or Google Play for Android. Turn on automatic app updates for the latest security protection.

Tip – Consider disconnecting devices from the internet if you’re not using the 'smart' features or if they don’t have security options, like the ability to set a password.

  • Search and socialise safely. Choose what info you want to share. In settings, do a privacy check on your devices, browsers, social media and other apps. Think about the info you share online like birthdays, age, address, or school – it could be used to crack passwords or steal your identity. Never click on suspicious or unknown links in emails, SMS or social media messages.

Tip – You can use a nickname and an alternative profile pic to help protect your identity when online gaming or on social media.

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