Alert Priority MODERATE: Cyber security is essential when preparing for COVID-19

What’s happened?

Businesses around the country are looking at ways to protect their staff and vulnerable members of the community from the COVID-19 pandemic.
Instructing their staff to work remotely may be one way of minimising the spread of the virus. However, remote work arrangements can have security implications and cybercriminals may attempt to take advantage of this. The cyber risks of flexible work arrangements could include malware infection, unauthorised access, data security, and unsecured devices used by staff.
It’s important that businesses and their staff ensure that remote access to business networks are secure so they aren’t vulnerable and business information isn’t exposed. 

How do I stay safe?

Ensuring good cyber security measures now is the best way to address the cyber threat.
The ASD’s Australian Cyber Security Centre (ACSC) has produced some great advice to help businesses stay secure from cyber threats whilst managing a remote workforce:

More information

Stay Smart Online has more advice on protecting your business assets including mobiles and tablets:
To stay up to date on the latest online threats and how to respond, sign up to the Stay Smart Online Alert Service,

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