ALERT: Current Email Scam

Alert to our customers: As you are always made aware, there is always some type of email scam going around that often prompts you to click the email to open it and once open it says something along the lines of "changes have been made to the server" "confirm your email and password so it is not deleted".


Please do not enter any of your details into these links.

If you hover your mouse over a link you are suspicious of, it will show the legit link in the bottom left hand corner of the screen.

JaziNET do not EVER ask you to confirm an email or password through such links. Passwords can only be changed by calling our office.

The below images are current emails to customers that redirect you to a site which is not one of our own.

Once you enter your email and password in such a site your email is then used to send 1000s of spam and can be used to access other details you may have the same email and password being used.

If you have clicked on a suspicious email and need your email changed please call us straight away.

If you are concerned an email may be from us and want us to confirm, again, call us straight away.

Team at JaziNET

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