Abuse Through Technology

We know that women are subjected to very high levels of online abuse, and that women with disability, including intellectual disability, are more likely to experience violence throughout their lives.

eSafety is committed to ensuring those who are at disproportionate risk of online abuse are provided with online safety information that caters for varied literacy levels. 

They have designed resources built upon the guidance offered through the eSafety Women program which supports women impacted by technology-facilitated abuse, particularly in a domestic and family violence situation.

They have new Easy English resources help women with intellectual and cognitive disabilities deal with online risks. The guides identify ways that technology can be misused and give advice on how to be safer online.

This booklet explains the concept of technology-facilitated abuse and how to get help if it happens.

Technology-facilitated abuse is behaviour that uses digital technology to harass, monitor, impersonate or threaten someone in order to control, frighten or humiliate them.

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