Privacy Awareness Week PAW 2022

Privacy: The foundation of trust

Did you know that 2 to 8 May is Privacy Awareness Week?

JaziNET takes your privacy seriously and is proud to support Privacy Awareness Week. We are joining @OAICgov to promote the importance of protecting personal information.

This Privacy Awareness Week is about the simple foundations we can all put in place to protect our personal information. Learn how to build a strong foundation of privacy: #PAW2022

The community is more likely to trust JaziNET when we demonstrate good privacy practices and show that we handle their personal information with integrity and care. JaziNET has several measures in place to promote the protection of personal information and build community trust.

JaziNET takes our responsibility to protect your privacy seriously. Take a moment to read our privacy policy to learn how we handle your personal information:

It’s easy to build good privacy habits. Your personal information is extremely valuable. It’s your identity, the foundations of who you are. We challenge you to check how well your privacy practices stack up. Start by reading @OAICgov’s privacy tips:

Here are some tips you can use today:

  • Start by valuing your personal information. Your personal information reveals who you are, what you do and what you believe – it is worth protecting.
  • Make sure you trust who you share your information with. Draw boundaries between what you share publicly and with those you trust, and always question why you are being asked for information. Page Privacy Awareness Week 2022 supporter toolkit 10
  • Use multi-factor authentication and strong passphrases to protect your accounts and devices. Install updates to fix issues and address new security concerns