Six Things in an Hour for Better Security

Have you taken the 60-Minute Security Challenge that includes 6 things you can do in an hour for better security?

Those at the Commonwealth Bank have taken the time to address being more secure online.

Explaining that our busy professional lives leave little time for personal admin. All of us are probably guilty of putting off a security update or refreshing our passwords to a rainy day. So the team behind Signals set ourselves a challenge: what advice would we give to somebody that only had one hour to press ‘reset’ on security?

And here's what the team came up with:

  • Check if your passwords have been stolen in (known) data breaches. Type in the email address you use to sign up for online services at (we highly recommend this site and use it ourselves)
  • Set up two-step verification for access to your online accounts, where available. This will require you to enter a short code sent to your mobile device after you’ve typed in your username and passphrase. (as a means of doubling your security it is highly suggested you use this where ever it is offered)
  • Scrap passwords. Replace them with passphrases. Passphrases beat passwords for length and complexity, and computers trump humans for remembering them. So maybe try out a Password Manager? (common passwords are easily attacked and you need to make sure your password/passphrase is easy enough for you to remember but hard enough for someone to guess)
  • Switch on automatic updates for your web browser(s). Your browser is your first line of defence against many online threats. (as if we haven't said it enough, you need to make updates a priority if you want to stay safe and secure)
  • Back up your data – keep backups both online and offline. You can never be too careful. (whether its onsite or offsite, backups are necessary so if something does happen you haven't lost all your data and work)
  • (Still awake?) Time to update your operating system. This, we admit, might take some time. So go get some fresh air - you’ve done great.

This was definitely some great and useful suggestions from the team at Commonwealth Bank and this is what you'd expect from a bank regarding staying safe and secure. For more information see:

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