Privacy For Individuals

Today’s technology may connect us, but it also needs to protect us. And so do entities that hold and handle our data.

The OAIC is urging Australians to ‘power up’ their privacy.

With a few simple actions, you can make things safer for you, and people close to you. You can also contribute to a safer privacy landscape!


Transparency: Clarity matters

If you are asked to provide your personal information or consent, think about privacy. What is being asked for, and how will it be used?

When it comes to your personal information, be informed. Organisations must be transparent about their handling of your personal information.

Default settings on apps or other services may discourage users from making privacy-protective choices. This ranges from filling out a simple form, to app permissions on your phone, or smart devices in your home.

Power up your privacy and exercise choice and control by selecting the most privacy protective option – for example, by opting-out of non-essential data handling practices.


Accountability: Expect sound privacy practices

Our personal data encapsulates who we are. The requirements for protecting that – protecting us – should be high. Expect accountability from organisations that hold this information. 

New tools and technologies provide new ways for our information to be collected and used. This can be to our benefit – but privacy must be a priority.

Any organisation using your personal information should abide by a range of key principles:

  • Building privacy considerations into what they do: ‘privacy by design’
  • Transparency as to what information they are holding and how they will use it
  • Only collecting or keeping what is needed, and keeping your information safe 
  • Responding appropriately if things go wrong

Expect accountability from organisations holding your information.


Security: Keeping safe and sound

There are a range of things you can do to power up the security of your personal information.

The first step is to treat your personal information like the asset it is.

Make sure it’s kept somewhere safe. Keep those security measures up to date. And be choosy about who you give your information to, and what you consent to.

Know your options, understand the technology you are using, and think before you act. Don’t give your privacy away – power it up!

The best thing you can do for your personal information security is to be mindful, and informed.


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