Privacy Challenge - Dodge the data dangers

The Office of the Australian Information Commissioner has recently developed an online challenge for those to test themselves on privacy.

If you head to: and click Let's Get Started you are then walked through some privacy challenges to try. You can choose from:

  • Take a holiday
  • Get a new phone
  • Thank goodness it's Friday

You can pick any to test yourself on. Once you have decided it will give you a quick description on the story line. The questions will give you some information to assess and you will have multiple choice answers. You need to select which one you believe you'd do in that situation. If you get it right it will provide some extra knowledge that you can review at the end of the test but if you get it wrong it tells you where you went wrong and how to address those issues in the future.

At the end of the test you will be given your overall passing percentage with the option to go over some extra knowledge or to play it again. Give it a go and let us know how you go.

Take the test!

Do you have what it takes to keep your data safe?

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