Make Installing Updates A Top Priority

Hackers, along with malicious programs or viruses, find weaknesses in software (called vulnerabilities) that they exploit to access your computer, smartphone or tablet.

Installing updates fixes these vulnerabilities and helps keep you secure.

Many software providers release patches and updates for their products to correct security concerns and improve functionality.

Most modern software and applications update automatically, but make sure you agree to install updates when prompted. The common software to keep updated are:

  • operating systems, for example Windows, Mac OS, iOS, Android
  • antivirus and security software (Webroot)
  • browsers, for example Internet Explorer, Firefox, Chrome
  • web plugins, for example Adobe Flash, Reader, Skype, Apple Quicktime, iTunes, Java, ActiveX
  • other types of applications, for example Microsoft Office.

When you purchase a new device, check for updates straight away as part of initial set up, ensuring you enable automatic updates.

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