Beware of NBN scams

As the rollout of the NBN progresses, you may receive legitimate materials from NBN Co and telecommunications service providers about what you need to do when the NBN comes to your area. Unfortunately, scammers may take advantage of the NBN rollout and contact consumers and small businesses.

How these scams work:

  • You receive a call, email or knock at the door out of the blue from someone claiming to be from the NBN, a government department or business such as a telecommunications service provider.
  • The caller or sender will claim that, because of the NBN, you must provide personal information. You may be asked to provide your bank account details or other personal information.
  • If you provide your bank account details or other personal information, the scammer may use it to commit identity theft or to steal your money.
  • Alternatively, the caller may tell you that you need to buy new equipment because your existing equipment is incompatible with the NBN and ask you to purchase equipment.

Note: NBN Co is the company responsible for the NBN rollout. It is a wholesale network provider and does not provide retail services to consumers. For inquiries regarding NBN contact your service provider directly. (Us if that's the case :D)

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