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(All prices are monthly charges and inclusive of GST)

Critical Information Summary

JaziNET supports your business, so you have the right connection to suit your business’ needs. We are a nbn Business Accredited Advisor, that can provide advice to suit your business and residential needs. Access cloud-based systems with fast internet speeds. Enjoy feature-rich, low-cost VoIP communications that uses your internet connection.

JaziNET offers Business Grade Flatrate NBN plans, with no fixed data limits, no excess usage charges and no speed shaping. Speed tiers available range from 25Mbps download all the way up to 1000Mbps, subject to the NBN technology available in your area.  See here

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What are the connection charges? The installation charge covers the conversion of a standard telephone line into an NBN service.
Setup (new connection): From $66
Setup (if churning): $44


Are there any special conditions I should know?
  • Data allocation is classed as data downloaded or upload during the course of the month, whichever is the greater of the two.
  • Rate-limiting slows the speed of your NBN connection down to approximately 64kbit/s for data downloaded and uploaded.
  • All NBN plans are subject to a $55 Termination fee, regardless of reason.
  • All NBN plan changes are subject to a $44.00 plan-change fee
  • All JaziNET accounts are governed by the standard JaziNET Terms and Conditions, any applicable Specific Terms and Conditions (ie. ADSL/NBN Terms and Conditions) and subject to the JaziNET Acceptable Use Policy. Which can be found at the bottom of the website.
  • By choosing this plan you therefore agree to the terms and conditions stated.
What is the nbn network? The government-owned nbn network is being rolled out to provide Australians with access to a reliable broadband connection. The nbn™ network uses a range of broadband technologies including new fibre-optic cable, existing copper lines, fixed wireless and satellite to deliver access to fast and reliable internet to all Australian homes and businesses. It is currently available to more than one in two Australians and is scheduled to be complete by 2020.


Why choose JaziNet services on nbn for your home or business? As an nbn service provider, we assist your transition to the nbn network and arrange your nbn appointment.


Will my nbn service work during power outages? Your nbn service won’t work during a poweroutage. This means that you won’t be able to make or receive phone calls if there is no power to your modem, including calls to Emergency ‘000’ services. You’ll need to rely on your mobile phone to make calls in this situation.


What are some factors impacting performance in my home? Broadband speeds may vary due to:
• the website you’re visiting and their servers
• Wi-Fi is less reliable than an Ethernet cable
• the speed tier you are on
• in-home wiring
• network capacity and network traffic
• the nbn technology type at your home
• where your modem is located
Setting up your home modem in a central spot away from your electric appliances can help.


Things to know: nbn™, nbn co and other nbn™ logos and brands are trade-marks of nbn co limited and used under licence.