Modem / Router Wifi Setup


Our routers are shipped preconfigured and do not require any additional changes to work with your JaziNET internet service.

See the bottom of the router for wireless network name and password.

Before making any changes to the configuration of the router, please phone the JaziNET Customer Support Centre on: 1300 300 056

TD-VG5612 300Mbps Wireless N VoIP VDSL/ADSL Modem Router

The modem router’s LEDs are located on the front panel (View from left to right). They indicate the device’s working status. For details, please refer to LED Explanation.

LED Explanation:

- Power:
On - System start-up complete.
Off - The modem router is off. Please ensure that the power adapter is connected correctly.

- DSL:
On - DSL line is synchronized and ready to use.
Flash - The DSL negotiation is in progress.
Off - There is no connection to the DSL Port or DSL synchronization fails.

- Internet:
On - The network is available with a successful Internet connection.
Off - There is no successful Internet connection or the modem routeris operating in Bridge mode.

- Wi-Fi:
On - The wireless function is working properly.
Off - The wireless function is disabled.

- VoIP1 / VoIP2:
On - The corresponding phone is off-hook.
Off - The corresponding phone is on-hook

- WPS:
On/Off - It turns on when a WPS synchronization is established and automatically turns Off about five minutes later.
Flash - WPS handshaking is in process and will continue for about 2 minutes. Please press the WPS button on other wireless devices that you want to add to the network while the LED is flashing.

- LAN(1-4):
On - The corresponding LAN port is connected.
Off - The corresponding LAN port is not connected.

- USB:
On - The USB device is identified and ready to use.
Flash - A new USB device is being identified.
Off - No USB device is plugged in to the USB port.

- 3G:
On - 3G Internet is successfully connected.
Flash - The modem router is connecting to the 3G Internet.
Off - 3G Internet is notconnected or the modem router is operating in other modes.