What is a drop out?
Your internet connection will stop and start – it may drop out for short or long periods of time, either randomly or around the same time each day. However, your connection will always return. If your connection drops out and stays out, please see troubleshooting below instead. You experience dropouts on all computers or devices in your home, not just a single device or only devices that are connected to the WiFi. The lights on the front of your modem may indicate a problem; please check the user manual to learn the meaning of your modem's status lights.

There can be many reasons for these excessive disconnections including, but not limited

  1. A faulty or failing ADSL modem/router
  2. Deteriorating phone line quality or line noise
  3. Faulty or missing ADSL Line Filter(s)
  4. Misconfigured software on your computer

Try these simple troubleshooting methods:

1. Isolation test your modem/router, by disconnecting all other equipment (phones, answering machines etc) from your phone line. If you are still gettting excessive disconnections, this could indicate a possible issue with your modem/router. Further testing can be be conducted by replacing the modem/router with a test router to see if the issues continue. 

2. Phone line issues are usually indicated when you can hear audible noises (crackling etc) on the phone line during voice calls. If you believe this could be the issue, please ring our technicians, they will arrange for specific line testing to be conducted on your line.

3. Ensure that you have ADSL line filters on all equipment connected to your phone line: including phones, phone extensions, answering and fax machines. Some pay TV set-top-boxes also require a connection to the phone line, and must also have a line filter. You can test if a filter is faulty by replacing the filter.

4. Misconfigured software can be diagnosed by our technicians. If you suspect this is the cause of your problem, please call us on the number shown below so we may work through possible software issues with you over the phone.