Custom Computers

JaziNET: Hardware, Software and Consultancy Services

Combining the latest technology and the best components, the JaziPC offers excellent performance and outstanding value for money. Your JaziPC will be based on a good foundation for expansion, so you can start with a system that will suit any budget and still have the ability to economically upgrade down the track as your needs change. We can also supply and install upgrades as well as perform repairs.

Assembled from the finest parts to your exacting requirements, JaziNET PCs are market leaders when it comes to quality and performance.

With long term wholesale arrangements with a number of Australian and international suppliers, consistancy, reliability and perhaps most importantly of all, real value for your hard earned dollar are tasks which are easily realised, enabling us to regularly exceed customer expectations - ideals which seem to be lost on many others in the computer industry.

When you add to this the benefits of many years of experience in Australian Business and Residential Internet, Technology and Computing arenas, and some of the most competitive pricing around, it's easy to see why your next PC purchase should be a JaziPC.

We also supply all manner of computer hardware, software, accessories and gadgets for PCs and Macs, desktop and portable computing solutions, as well as phone, mobile and communications equipment. Professional onsite and telephone support is available 24 hours a day, every day of the year too.

Every PC we sell is hand built by our technicians, we do not buy in pre-built systems. All PC's undergo a testing period before you receive your pc. We can also ship your pc to you anywhere within Australia.

Please, feel free to call us today to discuss your IT requirements with our highly skilled staff, and together the future can be ours.